Home Safety & Modification Business
Utilizing A Hybrid Approach

Webinar #1 Handout: Medicare Part B: Does it Have a Place in Home Modification Webinar
Webinar #2: Home Safety and Modification Program Q&A
Webinar #3: Home Modification: Not Just for Seniors

What you get: 

Trainings include:

Setting up your business: 

  • What do I need to do to set up my business.* Checklist included ($149 value)
  • Cash versus Insurance* - What is a hybrid practice ($149)
  • Medicare Part B and Home Modifications ($149 value)
  • Do you need a Certification? Review of the different home modification certification programs. ($149 value)
  • Legislation that impacts home modifications: Universal Design, ADA, Fair Housing Act* ($149 value)
  • How to Create the Optimal Hybrid Approach: Med B and Private Pay ($149 value)
  • Policies and Procedures for your Home Modification Business; Includes a Policy and Procedure Manual Template and forms to utilize for your practice. ($12,000 value)


Marketing Your Business:

  • Marketing and Building Your Business ($149 value)
  • Building a Facebook Group for your Business ($149 value)
  • Working with your Area Agency on Aging ($149 value)
  • Designing your website:  What is ranking SEO and Traffic ($149 value)
  • Working with Adult Aging services ($149 value)


Running your Hybrid Practice: Medicare Part B, Private Pay, Workman's Comp, Medicaid, Commercial Insurances, and other funding sources.

  • In-depth Medicare and Credentialing Training (9 1 hour trainings) with Anthony Maritato ($1341 value)
  • Completing the Home Modifications Process under Medicare Part B and other payers ($149 value)
  • Home Modification Process: Establishing Your Systems ($149 value)
  • Tools  you will need in place* ($149 value)
  • How to read a floor plan ($149 value)
  • Before your first visit:  What you need to have prepared; includes a checklist. ($149 value)
  • Your first visit: How it should look, includes a checklist. ($149 value)
  • After your Visit; What do you need to do; includes a check list.  ($149 value)
  • Telehealth and Home Modifications ($149 value)


Documentation and Billing for Home Modifications 

  • Assessments to Utilize in your Practice ($149 value)
  • EMR & Billing for Home Modifications ($149 value)
  • Documentation for Home Modification ($149 value)
  • Home For Life Design Training with Carolyn Sithong, OT Developer of Software/Application:   Discount to utilize assessment $16 per assessment (normally $20); $15 per assessment if using Hellonote (normally $20). 
    • Training Included: ($250 value)
      • How-To-Guide and Video Tutorial
      • Online Training Modules by Carolyn Sithong on Best Practices on Home Evaluations and Modifications
      • Online Training Sessions conducted by Carolyn Sithong, featuring videos and care studies, and interactive scoring measures 
  • Introduction to Magic Plan


Payment and Funding for Home Modifications

  • Getting Paid in Your Cash Based Practice ($149 value)
  • Funding for Home Modifications ($149 value)


Introduction to Specific Population Approaches for Home Modifications*

  • Low vision ($149 value)
  • Dementia ($149 value)
  • Developmental Disabilities ($149 value)
  • Workers Compensation  ($149 value)
  • What if it is a rental home? What can I do?($149 value)
  • Safety and Emergency Planning for Clients with Disabilities ($149 value)

Additional Benefits of Program:


*One Year of Monthly Group Coaching Calls (Value $300 per month)

*Next Level Visionary Membership for one year ($278 value)

*Next Level Occupational Therapy Summit (Value $5400 ~27 trainings included in summit)

*Membership for 1 Year to Private Facebook Group for questions, answers, support, and networking: (Value $1000)

*Custom Designed Trello Board to keep you organized and successful with your journey. (Value $49)

*20% off Hellonote EMR System


Total Value: $28,388

Total Price of Program: $3,798


ADD on OPTIONS only available for those in this Program:

  • 3 Months of Hellonote EMR, Medicare Credentialing, and Billing for up to 50 claims per month for 3 months for $360; 20% off after the 3 months. 

  • Medicare Part B Credentialing done for you: $200

  • Business Established for you: $1500 

  • Magic Plan: Create 2D and 3D floor plans using AR scan mode or connect a bluetooth distance laser measuring device: $300 per year

    • Unlimited use of tool, not per home assessment

    • Upload a PDF into your EMR

  • Magic Plan: Access to all Custom Forms for Home Design created by Sue Doyle, PhD, OTR/L CFE, CAPS, CHAMP: $99

  • Custom Designed Website by Emma Shapiro: $500

  • Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Seminar with Mike Chua; You will have the ability to become a Certified Dementia Practitioner (CDP) through the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners (NCCDP): $200




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Sue has been an occupational therapist for more than 38 years. Sue was trained in Australia as an occupational therapist and opened her first private practice specializing in both pediatrics and adult rehab in the early 1980's. Her experience is across a broad area of occupational therapy practice and includes more than 11 years in academia teaching both adult and pediatric treatment courses, neuroscience, and research. Sue has written several chapters in occupational therapy text books, presented at multiple conferences including as part of AOTA's Stroke Specialty Conference team, and has multiple international peer reviewed publications. Her research areas have included evidence based practice, therapists' decision making and clinical reasoning, and sensory impairments after stroke. She also was involved in establishment and management free clinics for students at two universities. Sue believes in giving back to her local community and has been involved in many ways to improve the health and wellness of others. Since 2009 she has been involved with Battle Ground HealthCare, a free comprehensive medical clinic that provides medical, dental, rehabilitation and vision services to those who are uninsured and underinsured in the Southwest Washington region. She has served in various positions as founding board member, rehabilitation services coordinator, chronic pain program coordinator, grant writer, and director of operations for the free clinic. Sue also was involved in running free clinics for students at two universities, providing opportunities for student learning and also providing practical demonstrations on how to give back to the community. Over the last year Sue has worked on developing her private practice serving adults in their homes and her clinic, which she started in 2016. Her practice includes stroke survivors, aging in place and home safety, and contracts with the Developmental Disability Administration and Area Agency on Aging. When not working Sue enjoys spending time with her family, including her two grandchildren, hiking and being outdoors, cooking, and gardening. Sue and her husband are currently building their new barrier free accessible home in the beautiful pacific northwest.

Carolyn Sithong MS, OTR/L, SCEM, CAPS

Caroyln has 20 years of experience as a clinical, educational and community-based occupational therapist with award winning practices.  She is specially certified in the area of environmental modifications (SCEM) by the American Occupational Therapy Association and is nationally certified as an Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) by the National Association of Homebuilders. Carolyn has been awarded “CAPS Designee of the Year” for her role in advocacy and leadership. She has spear headed aging in place initiatives and home modification programming for local, state and national organizations that support healthy environments for the aging community. She has served the Florida Department of Elder Affairs, the Orlando Senior Resource Alliance, AARP, National Rebuilding Together, Home Depot and the American Occupational Therapy Association, with her expertise in the home modification area.  Carolyn is the Founder & Chief Health Officer of Home for Life Design®, where she helps healthcare and aging in place service providers meet the needs of homeowners through technology and evidence-based practices, specifically in the area of home assessment. 
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Kara Welke, OTD, OTR/L CLT

Kara graduated from the University of South Dakota OT program in 2000. She has always been passionate about Occupational Therapy. In order to provide client centered, occupation based, and evidence-based practice, Kara started her own business to help older adults age in place. She has independent contractors to help her in her business: PT, SLP, and other OTs. She provides Medicare Part B services in the home as well as contracts with a local HHA company. Due to the lack of resources for helping occupational therapy professionals start their own business, Kara created the Next Level Occupational Therapy facebook group. This group has grown into a mission to help as many Occupational Therapy Professionals as possible to start their own business or to LEVEL UP their current Practice.  In fact the Therapy Business Builder program is specifically designed to help therapists start and build the business of their dreams from the ground up.  

Anthony Maritato, PT

Anthony is a treating physical therapist and private practice owner since 2002. He and his wife started and grew a hybrid practice model from a single 800 sq ft studio to five clinic locations across 2 states. Now, in addition to keeping time in the clinic and running his business, Tony is teaching other therapists how to avoid many of the hard lessons he learned over nearly two decades of private practice and streamline the process of Medicare and other third party payer contracting, billing, and success.
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